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Hello and let me welcome you to my world of Cats !

My name is Anneke and in partnership with my daughter's Joyce and Lotus

we have been breeding Persians and Exotics since 1992.

We live in Dokkum The Netherlands.

We show in Independant Cat Shows of Europe

Recently we have not been able to show as I suffered some back injuries,

but we are looking forward to shows in the future !

When we first started it was with Tabby Persians and Solids

now we breed those colors as well as Tabby and Whites, Bi-Colors Vans and also

Exotics in those colors.

In addition to our love of cats, my daughter's have 3 Ponies !

Shipping World Wide

Our Pricing Policy is that all costs of shipping and the cost of the Veterinary Inspection

are at the expense of the purchaser.

We are prepared to send updated photos of a reserved kitten in a reasonable amount however  (not daily),

If after the initial deposit is made, the purchaser changes his/her mind about purchasing the kitten, all initial deposits are non refundable.

The bloodlines we are working with at this time include


Marhei/Budofbon/Yuppiecat/ Bryn Mawr and A Al Hosein Hazir

We are very grateful to all the breeders from these prestigious

catteries for their years of hard work that have enabled us to be

able to combine such lovely bloodlines together.

We would like to say a very special

Thank You

to my wonderful friend Jannie Williams

(A Al Hosein Hazir)

for all her lovely  bloodlines and her support over the years

Jannie you are a very special person !